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ATI  SKS Monte Carlo Stock

ATI SKS Monte Carlo Stock

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ATI SKS Monte Carlo Stock with Buttpad:
Scorpion recoil pad

Recoil impact is absorbed; shooting any load size can now be done with no pain being transferred to the shooter

Reduces the challenge of reacquiring the target by minimizing the weapons muzzle lift

Not affected by chemicals

Remains flexible in extreme temperature

Eliminates the felt punch of the recoil

Removes limitations from spring and piston type recoil suppression systems

Sling swivel stud

3M soft touch cheekrest pad for improved comfort when shooting

Scratch resistant and virtually indestructible

Checkered grip and forend No gunsmithing

DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer

Made in the USA

Limited lifetime warranty

Fits all SKS rifles


Fits all variants of the SKS excluding the SKS-D that came from the factory accepting AK mags. Handles great.


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ATI  SKS Monte Carlo Stock
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