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16" Mid-Length Rifle Kit  Del-Ton AR 15
16" mid-length rifle kit comes with everything needed to complete a stripped lower receiver. Incl..
$649.99 $495.00
AR15 Lower Parts Kit LPK
The Kit includes: Fire control group Fire control group pins and springs Bolt catch assembly ..
$69.99 $48.99
Original U.S. WWII Thompson  1928A1 SMG  Parts Kit
Parts kit comprised of the following- complete lower frame assembly , compensator, horizontal fore g..
Romanian M63 AK47 Parts  kit
Original 1963 dated Romanian M63 AKM parts kit with wood furniture, non-matched number parts, 7.62X3..
RPK Parts Kits
Original RPK parts kits with wood furniture, non-matched number parts, 7.62X39 In good condition&nb..
Polish Tantal  AK-74  5.45 Parts  Kit
Original Polish Tantal AK74 parts kit with  furniture and side folding stock, non-matched numbe..